Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Question of the Day

Is it wrong for a preacher to live well while his congregation is poor?
Apparently, people are in an uproar about a recent airing of MTV's Sweet Sixteen where Rev. Vernon (Word Church in Cleveland) threw his sixteen year old daughter a $500,000 bash at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Many say that such an extravagant display (which was allegedly paid by tithes/offerings) is unGodly like. Does the preacher have a right to use the tithes/offerings or his salary (set by the church) in any way he sees fit (bentleys, million dollar homes, designer wardrobe) or is he obligated to sow much of that money into community/church efforts? Do we hold preachers to a different standard than any other affluent person? Hmmmm.... What do you think?


Nadja said...

I really really believe that we should only have what we need, and then help others with any major extra. I don't think that everyone needs to be destitute and not have ANYTHING nice, but HOW can a preacher feel OK about having a $250,000 car when there are people that can't feed their children. Do they honestly believe that that's "what Jesus would do"?

Grown Woman said...

Good point

TravelDiva said...

WWJD is a good point. I do think God wants pastors to be blessed financially. I mean, we don't know where this guy puts his other money--I mean obviously he's prosperous if he can drop $500K on a b-day party. With that said, as a pastor, he should have more sense than to go on an MTV show and flaunt that he's wasting $500K on a 16th b-day party. Obviously, that's going to raise some eyebrows! ESPECIALLY if his congregation is not prosperous.

Grown Woman said...

I agree. I don't think pastors have to be poor. However, I don;t believe that God intended for them to take advantage of their positions by manipulating/brainwashing poor people. In Bmore there is a pastor--oscar Brown-who drives a bentley bought by the church. However, the church couldn't pay their taxes!! Somehow the priorities are warped!!! The pastor's car should not come before the taxes!

TESpriggs said...

Pastor Vernon is a man of integrity, and a great man of God. THE PARTY WAS NOT PAID FOR BY TITHES AND OFFERS. He paid for that money out of his pocket. He has a book, a C.D., and different businesses. The party only cost $25,000 not $500,000. He has over 15,000 members of his church, which he grew in 8 year from a small handful of people. He offers full disclosure to his church members of how the church spends the tithes and offers, including giving 1,000,000 in outreach help to the city of cleveland in 2007 alone. I have personly seen this man give cars, gifts, money to those who are in need. Do your homework before you begin talking about this man of God because I am sure he has done more in one day to help others than most of us have done in a lifetime.

James Tubman said...

first of all, why would a "man of the cloth" a servant of the lord, throw a party at a rock and roll club

i don't necessarily mind preachers haven't extravagant items if the money and proceeds go to the congreagtion in the community

if buying a bentley can keep 10 black men employed so that they can support their wife and their kids, i'm ok with that

we have to learn how to support our own

if most of us had the kind of money he had we would probably do the same thing

we have to learn how to spend our money in a way that the primary benefactors of our wealth are black folks.


Abbey said...

I feel its definitely wrong, same as I feel its hypocritical of the Vatican to have such wealth..when so many have so little

TILshopgirl said...

when you are in the lime light, you have to be careful about impressions period. a pastor living lavishly is going to make eyebrows go up and start all kinds of investigations.