Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chicas on Politics

With the nation aflutter with Election 2008, I figured we might as well start a regular blog to discuss politics.

Last night I realized something. I like John Edwards; and Hilary Clinton as president would be a nice gender victory. BUT, I really want Barack Obama to win. I always knew I would vote for him, but I had not actually allowed myself to hope that an African American could actually win. I didn't believe that America was enlightened enough to elect a racially diverse person given our country's history. Shame on me. Obama has shown that he is electable. He won Iowa, and he was narrowly beaten in New Hampshire. These are states that are not exactly a racial melting pot (to put it lightly). So he can rally the support of the masses. Mind you, he faces a tough challenge in Clinton, who was down for a week, got emotional and came back full force with a strong showing among women voters in particular. But now, I do believe that Obama can pull out a historic victory, not just in the primaries but in the general election in November. It won't be an easy road for him, but nothing worth having comes easily.


Grown Woman said...

I totally agree with you. When Obama lost last night, I was devastated. I realized that I WANT a black president during my lifetime. a female would be nice, but a black president would be even better. I'm tired of being politically correct--I want a black democratic president so I'm voting for Obama. I am no longer ashamed to admit it!

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Sassy said...

LMAO. I'll vote for either. Female or Black or pretty edwards.