Friday, September 18, 2009

Joker Of The Week Nods

Hello folks!

There have been soooo many worthy Joker nominees during my hiatus. I'm not going to name them now--but they will get a shoutout in the Joker of the Year nominations! But on to this week's nods......

  • Anti-Obama Nuts - I have to give a nod to all of those people who are anti-Obama just because he is African American. I'm not talking about people who criticize him--everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I'm talking about the people LITERALLY crying because they did not want him to speak to their children in schools. I'm talking about the Tea Party folks marching on Washington with signs of Obama as a witch doctor. I'm talking about those people whose faces contort with hatred, rage and indignation while yelling at health care rallies. And I'm talking about those radio and news anchors who fan these flames of hatred.
  • Kanye West - He has to be at the top of any one's list this week after his stunt at the VMAs. Grown Woman aptly said---he's going around looking like a sad puppy now, but he did what he did and there are consequences.

  • Serena Williams - Serena is my girl. (Even though my husband has said that if he wasn't with me, he'd be with Serena. Good luck with that. Pssh, he may have to get a nod for that one. LOL). I watched the entire U.S. Open--rooting for her and she seemed pretty unstoppable until the semi-final match. I understand her frustration at being called on a foot fault at the end of such a big match. However, you can't say to a line judge, "I swear to God I'm [expletive] going to take this [expletive] ball and shove it down your [expletive] throat, you hear that? I swear to God." So for that, I have to give her a nod.

  • Joe Wilson - For yelling out "You lie" during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress and generally being unrepentant. I mean really--is this how elected officials should conduct themselves? He wasn't some nut at a health care rally--but an elected official sitting before the President of the United States. Unbelievable.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The VMAs - Wow

I've been on hiatus for a minute, but the VMAs last night brought me out of my leave of absence. There are moments when I consider the person who invented the dvr to be my own personal hero and last night was one of them. Because when Kanye stepped on stage during Taylor Swift's speech and said he thought Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time, I actually squealed because I couldn't believe what he was doing and had to rewind it immediately. While I know that he has ranted and raved when HE'S lost an award--now he's extending it to being outraged on behalf of his friends? It really is all about his ego. Because he thinks he is the most important thing in music, he thinks his opinion matters more than everyone else's opinion--which is why he felt completely comfortable going on stage and sharing his thoughts with the rest of the world. Hey, we all liked Single Ladies--that's why it went on to win Video of the Year--but that doesn't mean that Beyonce had to win every single award of the night. Kanye ruined Swift's big moment as she just stood there, completely humiliated and unable to finish her speech. Beyonce also couldn't thank anyone in her speech because she had to bring Taylor Swift up and let her finish her speech, so Beyonce wouldn't be tarnished in this mess. One day Kanye's antics will begin to override his talent and maybe then he'll learn a little something about humility.

Also--Did anyone see Lil' Mama hop on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' performance? At first I thought it was planned, until I saw the look of shock on Jigga's face and the way he completely ignored her. While I appreciate her enthusiasm for her state, she played herself. That was a big star moment and neither recording her song "Lip Gloss" or being a judge on America's Best Dance Crew put her in that league. What a clown!

Final Note: I'm back on the scene--I took a break because of the wedding (will post pics soon!) and because TravelDiva is very pregnant with her first child so blogging was low on the list of priorities. But I figure that I'll have more time to blog when I go on maternity leave in a couple of months. What's up blogspot fam????!!!!!!!!!