Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random Question of the Day

Are blacks hatin' on Obama?
A recent poll showed that 3 out of 4 black Democrats support Hillary. Now, I'm not suggesting that every person of color should support Obama solely based upon "color". But, there has been a lot of criticism among black folk that Obama isn't "black" enough and that he won't do much for "us". Why do you think most blacks aren't supporting Obama? Is it because he's not "black" enough? (whatever the hell that means) Is it because "we're" like crabs in a barrel and hate to see one of us make history? Is it for legitimate reasons (for example, don't believe that he's the best candidate for the job)? Or, is it just plain old brainwashing (white is always better)?
Tell me what you think.


TravelDiva said...

I don't know if those polls are accurate. I know a lot of African Americans who are supporting Obama.

I think that Blacks are not a homogenous group and they are not just going to vote for someone because they look like them.

But I also think a lot of people like the Clintons. I mean so many people bought into that whole Bill Clinton was the first black president. That pisses me off so much. Why because he was cheater/playa and played the sax? What? That gives him a Black card? So offensive.

Anyway, I think Hill is riding the wave of her husband's legacy in the African American community and I think that is pulling votes away from Obama.

I'm voting for Barack because I like his optimism and for once I'd like to see some diversity reflected in the highest office in U.S. and not just the same old same old.

Grown Woman said...

I totally agree