Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Question of the Day

Should We Receive An Apology For Slavery? Would a Mere Apology be Sufficient? Is it Even Necessary?

I'm very torn on this one...What do you think?

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James Tubman said...

we should recieve an official apology for slavery because the government STILL benefits from the 250 plus years of our extorted labor

and after an appology they have to reperate what they've done

but instead of giving us money give us the things money will buy, house, free education, car, etc.

TravelDiva said...

I think James is right. I mean, this nation was built on the free labor and the backs of slaves. So what's wrong with the government saying it's sorry--that slavery was wrong? I'm not saying a particular individual is responsible for the actions of his or her ancestors. But slavery was sanctioned and endorsed by the friggin' Constitution. So why not say something that acknowledges the wrong of the government in the past?

James Tubman said...

right on my sister!

i loooooooove your enthusiasm

go get em

TravelDiva said...

LOL! Thanks

Nadja said...

It seems like it would be so hard for you to believe that their apology would be honest and sincere when there are people in office that say things such as the, uh, gentleman a few posts down said. Is that the case, or am I wrong?

TravelDiva said...

that's true too nadja. but even if it's insincere, i feel there's some value to acknowledging the wrong you know?