Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Joker of the WEEK Nominations

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney - For singing "Who let the Dogs out?" to a crowd of African Americans in Jacksonville, Florida and asking a young child about "bling bling." He's about 10 years late on his stereotypes and ridiculous slang.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
- For not only having an affair with his chief of staff and lying about it under oath, he also was allegedly holed up in a hotel with another woman (Carmen Slowsky) enjoying a whirlpool bath and champagne just last week before attending an MLK prayer breakfast.

Former President Bill Clinton
- For playing the race card yet again and comparing Obama's potential win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson's victory and for losing the endorsement of his BFF Ted Kennedy to Obama.

Bobby Brown/Sisqo - Two Words: Gone Country.


Nadja said...

OMG, Old Mitt did NOT do that!! What was he thinking??? Seriously, do you think that he's under the impression that that will make him cool?

TravelDiva said...

I think he did. He even barked "Who, Who, Who?" What a moron.

And the crowd was into it, so I doubt he knows how idiotic and offensive he appeared...

Smarty Jones said...

Wow, Mitt Romney is cutting up. That is the same man who answered the question "what do you plan to do about black on black crime," during the YouTube debate saying that there should be two parents in the home.
I'm not saying that he doesn't know how to relate to black people but I will say that the evidence is overwhelming.
My grandma always told us that when you have nothing to say, just shut up. I think Mitt should take her advice.

Grown Woman said...

LOL--he needs to be quiet

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO Smarty! He did not say that! What a loser.