Thursday, January 24, 2008

Detroit Mayor Caught Lying and Cheating - Is Monagamy Possible?

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was recently caught in lies. The married mayor and his married top aide/mistress lied under oath during a whistleblower lawsuit last summer. They testified under oath that they did not have any type of romantic relationship. Kilpatrick actually was indignant at the suggestion. Well, after looking through over 14,000 text messages (sent on city issued pagers), the Detroit Free Press discovered that Kilpatrick and his aide had exchanged some fairly provocative messages indicating a romantic and sexual relationship. The less explicit texts include:

  • "I'm madly in love with you." Kilpatrick to Beatty.

  • "I hope you feel that way for a long time. In case you haven't noticed, I am madly in love with you, too!" - Beatty to Kilpatrick.

  • "I've been dreaming all day about having you all to myself for 3 days. Relaxing, laughing, talking, sleeping and making love." - Kilpatrick to Beatty.

  • And, did you miss me, sexually?" Beatty to Killpatrick. "Hell yeah! You couldn't tell. I want some more." Kilpatrick to Beatty.

  • "This is one of those little things I had to tell you. Last night when I was laying on your shoulder in the car and you held my face and sang whatever song it was, that felt so good. It was just one of those little moments when you just made me fall some more," - Beatty to Kilpatrick.

One particular night in '02
"Can I just come and lay down in your room until you get back?" Beatty to Kilpatrick.

"Yes," Kilpatrick replied.

The next morning:
"They were right outside the door. They [the mayor's bodyguards] had to have heard everything..., So we are officially busted! LOL." Kilpatrick to Beatty.

I feel bad for their spouses having to go through this kind of public humiliation. It's bad enough they've been betrayed, but to have it play out publicly. Horrific. Cheating is so common place that it's left me to ponder, is monagamy possible? And I mean monagamy for the longhaul - not one slip up.


Nadja said...

Yet another proud day for this native Detroiter. Seriously, They ALWAYS get caught!!!! I find it terrifying how morally bankrupt our society has become. I long for the olden days when people were much, much more decent.

TravelDiva said...

You know?!!!!!!!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Hey girl,

I think its pretty ridiculous, so many people get hurt when adultery surfaces. People tend to forget while being unfaithful that whats done in the dark will surely come to light.

TravelDiva said...

Hey Still poca - You are SO right. I mean, can you imagine being a wife or husband reading those text messages in the newspaper no less?

Don said...

I remember reading about this guy over 3 years ago, I'm thinking, in an Ebony Magazine. The article touched upon his unusual flamboyance as a political figure.

I'm willing to bet he was placed under surveillance from that moment on.

James Tubman said...

you have to be taught how to be monogamous

it's possible

this is why you have to be taught the basics of how to make a relationship work

if not you get foolishness like this

Smarty Jones said...

I don't know if they were more decent or more discreet. Either way, you didn't hear much about it. I don't have much faith in monogamy anyway. I have too many brothers and a dad who swears by the mantra, "I ain't married so I ain't cheatin'."
I'm more concerned about what their kids are going through at school than I am about how their spouses will bounce back.
I can only imagine what the older ones have to hear from their peers.