Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We're headed to my mom's house - turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, chicken, string beans, homemade cornbread dressing, sweet potato pie, apple pie, etc. SCANDALOUS. I'll be in the gym today, tomorrow morning, Friday and beyond, but it's WORTH IT! Happy holidays!

Monday, November 17, 2008


While many of us are still basking in the glow of Barack's historic win, the gay and lesbian community is dealing with the aftermath of the passage of Proposition 8. Wanda Sykes has recently "come out of the closet" and said that she felt that Prop 8 was a "personal attack". Wanda and her "wife" were married last month. Melissa Etheridge has recently declared that she will not pay California any more taxes since it does not regard her as an "equal citizen". Interestingly, African-Americans overwhelmingly voted for Proposition 8. Also, another state (I believe Arkansas) has now banned same-sex partners from adopting.
What do you think about Proposition 8 and related laws? Is this an issue of civil rights? Morality? Do we have the right as Americans to prohibit others from living their lives as they choose?
Please let me know what you think.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Joker of the Week Nods

Hello bloggers!
I have quite a few contenders for Joker of the Week. I honestly am not quite sure who I am voting for, although I'm leaning in one direction....
Have a great weekend!
Angelina Jolie - For flaunting her adulterous affair and being completely disrespectful to the sanctity of marriage and another woman. Boo!

"Reverend Donald Spitz" - This nut responded to one of my Palin-related blogs last week that it was perfectly acceptable to bomb abortion clinics because they are sinners. He then told me to say this prayer: "Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life." LOL. What a nut job. I'm a Christian and I'm saved, but right wing conservative Christians slay me with their hypocrisy. Murdering doctors, patients and innocent passersby is righteous? Give me a break.

Acid Throwing Terrorists - These radical Taliban supporters threw acid in the faces of schoolgirls in Afghanistan who were walking to school. The Taliban is completely against women obtaining an education and these nuts wanted to punish and terrorize teens going to school. Two girls were blinded in the attack and others suffered injuries. Sometimes it is really difficult for me to understand the lack of humanity in this world.

Silvio Berlusconi - In a conversation with a Russian leader, much to the chagrin of his countrymen, Italy's Prime Minister said of President-Elect Barack Obama, ''Obama is young, handsome and also tanned, so he has all the qualities to agree with you." Let's put aside the lack of logic in this statement (i.e. because someone is handsome they would be more inclined to have similar political views as another political leader). But Tanned? Really?

Kanyeezy - The jury is still out, but apparently Kanye West was arrested AGAIN at the airport today for some sort of altercation. Kanye pull it together. You are not above the law!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jolie vs. Aniston

People is reporting that in an upcoming issue of Vogue, Jennifer Aniston is responding to Angelina Jolie's comments about when she and Brad Pitt fell in love. Apparently, Jolie commented that she could not wait to get to work on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith to see Pitt, along with other remarks about how the relationship developed. Ummm, problem, Pitt was still married to Aniston at the time, and Aniston said that some of the things about the Jolie-Pitt relationship she did not know about and Jolie's comments were inappropriate, not discrete and uncool.

I know no one knows about what goes on behind closed doors, but I'll have to hop on Team Aniston on this one. Pitt was married and thus off limits in my mind. So while this may have been a happy ending that Brangelina can tell their kids about, it doesn't stop the fact that their relationship arose out of adultery and they were gallivanting at work while Pitt was married. So Jolie gets a thumbs down on this one from me.

What say you?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Out With The Old

In with the new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This photo brings a huge smile to my face and a tear to my eye. GO OBAMA FAMILY!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Last Word On Palin

Not to be an obnoxious winner, but I had to say one last word on the Palinator. Now that the campaign is over, the news media is revealing all sorts of juicy tidbits that were covered up. (Ironic given that the media is allegedly so liberal). In any event, according to the Huffington Post, some media outlets are now revealing that Governor Sarah Palin did not know that Africa is a continent. She thought it was a country. Moreover, Palin apparently did not know which countries were parties to the NORTH AMERICAN Free Trade Agreement. Boy did we dodge a bullet....

Reports are surfacing that Palin was indeed a diva--reducing her staff to tears after she interviewed poorly and her approval poll numbers started to slip. In addition, she allegedly spent much more than $150,000 on clothes--she spent additional thousands more on clothes for her husband and children. So much so that one McCain campaign aide described the Palins as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.” Yikes! And these folks were all on the same team?

With that, I will leave you with some Palinisms to ponder, with a laugh and a sigh of relief.

  • "I'll try to find you some and I'll bring them to you." --Sarah Palin, asked by Katie Couric to cite specific examples of how John McCain has pushed for more regulation in his 26 years in the Senate, CBS News interview, Sept. 24, 2008

  • "All of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years." --Sarah Palin, unable to name a single newspaper or magazine she reads, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008

  • "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women." --Sarah Palin, misquoting former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who said women should "help" other women," Carson, Calif., Oct. 4, 2008

  • "They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan." --Sarah Palin, speaking at a fundraiser in San Francisco, Oct. 5, 2008

  • "I like being here because it seems like here and in our last rally too -- other parts around this great Northwest -- here in New Hampshire you just get it." --Sarah Palin, Laconia, New Hampshire, Oct. 15, 2008

  • "I don't know if you're going to use the word 'terrorist' there." --Sarah Palin, asked if people who bomb abortion clinics are terrorists, NBC News interview, Oct. 23, 2008

  • "We believe that the best of America is not all in Washington, D.C. ...We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation." --Sarah Palin, speaking at a fundraiser in Greensoboro, N.C., Oct. 16, 2008

  • We realize that more and more Americans are starting to see the light there and understand the contrast. And we talk a lot about, OK, we’re confident that we’re going to win on Tuesday, so from there, the first 100 days, how are we going to kick in the plan that will get this economy back on the right track and really shore up the strategies that we need over in Iraq and Iran to win these wars?" --Sarah Palin, suggesting we are at war with Iran, FOX News interview, Nov. 1, 2008

  • "Ohh, good, thank you, yes." --Sarah Palin, after a notorious Canadian prank caller complimented her on the documentary about her life, Hustler's "Nailin Paylin," Nov. 1, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did


Hello to the new first family!!! I think we will all remember where we were and how we felt at 11:00 pm last night when they called the election for President elect Barack Obama. The pride, the sense of accomplishment and sheer joy that this election has brought me is immeasurable. Congratulations to Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and their families. Now the real work begins!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


FINALLY! We've been talking about this election for months and months and months. In some ways, I cannot believe it is here. I got up early this morning to go and vote. I planned to go later in the day, but my excitement would not allow me to sleep. When I arrived at my polling place I could not believe the line. It was so long that I could not see the end of it when I drove up. As I walked and talked with other voters, it became clear that every single African American around me was excited, proud, emotional and enthusiastic. There was an air of camaraderie and a sense of history all around us. Everyone had cameras, and I took a picture of the line as I stood there. Ultimately, I waited for 3 hours. I was tired, but when I cast my ballot for the Obama-Biden ticket, a smile spread across my face and I honestly felt like I was casting a ballot for a family member or brother. I never thought the day would come when I could cast a ballot for an African American President. I'm so glad that I was wrong. This is a magnificent day for ALL Americans.
Wherever you are, please vote. And if you run into problems at the polls, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.