Friday, January 18, 2008

Joker of the Week Results

You voted and it was two-way tie between Bob Johnson for his comments on Barack Obama and The Juice (O.J.) for his recent confinement and overall tomfoolery. I think the judge's words in the O.J. trial fit both of these winners - ARROGANT AND IGNORANT. Jokers of the Week indeed.

Who is going to be nominated next week? Traceddie and Sherri Shepard from The View are definitely looking like contenders............

Johnson source



Nadja said...

I LOVE the picture you found of OJ. It is just so classic him. I'm SURE he thinks he's just going to get away with all of this stuff. He really, really is arrogant.

Oh, and I'd like to nominate the idiot at the golf magazine that thought is was appropriate to put a noose on the cover.

James Tubman said...

i agree with dappa's post on the oj issue

look at how dumb he is now

he used to be a footbal player too you know lol

do you really think he could have pulled off such an elaborate plot to kill his wife and her lover

there's so many things that still don't add up about that case

i don't feel sorry for him if he didn't do it though

(i'm not going to express why for the sake of offending some lol)

TravelDiva said...

To Nadja - Good nomination. Will definitely be on this week's list!