Thursday, September 4, 2008

Joker of the Week Nods

It's Baaaaack!!! Retrospectively, I'm giving awards to the U.S. men and women's 4 x 100 relay teams for dropping the friggin' baton, French swimmer Bernard for talking trash about Americans and then getting punked and defeated by said Americans during the relay, and the Chinese gymnastics team for "claiming" those 12 year old girls were 16!

Now, on to this week's nominees.

Gov. Sarah Palin (GOP VP nominee) - With all due respect, Mooseburger does not pass my commander-in-chief test. I'm a woman and I don't trust in her ability to lead--it's not sexist--the fact of the matter is McCain is 72 years old, has had 4 bouts with cancer. Frankly, who McCain selects as his VP matters. He picked someone who was a mayor in "I've never heard of it", Alaska and has been a governor for a hot second. She has no national experience and we don't know her views on Iraq, health care, the economy, etc. All I know is that she's pro life (no abortions even for rape or incest), she's a lifelong NRA member, she only supports abstinence education and not safe sex education (although that doesn't seemed to have worked in her own life), her children play hockey and she eats mooseburgers. Whoopty friggin' do. She also has engaged in some shady ethics issues and has a pending investigation.

Sen. John McCain - For nominating Sarah in a desperate attempt to make "history." He didn't even properly vet her! Nice judgement McSame!

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick - For copping a plea and resigning in disgrace for Textgate.

Diddy (courtesy of 12Kyle) - For saying, .."I can't believe that I have to fly commercial now. That's how high gas is! I can't fly private like I used to. These airline gas prices are too high." Now, he can be called elitist. For real for real.
How in the world could I forget Joe "Turncoat" Lieberman? Democrat my....... His RNC speech this week blasting Senator Obama was way out of bounds. I pray that the Dems win enough seats in the senate to toss that joker out on his ear!


Smarty Jones said...

Well, well, well, I think that it is safe to say that TravelDiva is back in FULL effect!
This one is going to be hard. My first instinct is to vote for Palin but not because of her views. I vote for her because of how she had that blanket drapped over her daughter's stomach and made her hold, what looks like a heavy ass baby the entire time she was standing.
I would vote for McCain for even bringing her arrogant ass on board when he had a pool to choose from that would have actually made sense.
Diddy, well, I am just not feeling him. He could get my nod on GP.
And Kwame? Kwame, Kwame, Kwame. He should be the Joker of the Month for not knowing when to say when. The city of Detroit's theme song should be "Take a Bow," dedicated to good ole' Kwame.
"You look so dumb right now ..."

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! Thanks Smarty.

And LOL on Take a bow. Sooo true. I think I'm going to have to go with McCain only because this decision flies in the face of common sense and is just pure "trickery" for gullible Americans.

Demon Hunter said...

LOL. It was a pathetic, last-ditch effort to swoon Hillary supporters. I'm sorry, hopefully no one could be that stupid not to notice It's sad, really.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i vote for skankball palin. that is all i have to say

12kyle said...

I gotta vote for Puff. I couldn't believe that he'd say something so stupid. This is a man who is on Forbes list as far as money makers in hip hop. He's a multi-millionare and now he's complaing about not being able to fly private anymore?

This is the same guy who is the star of his own tv show. The same guy who is the biggest artist on his own label (does Bad Boy still make records?). The same guy who is paying 100k/month in child support for his 4 kids. One hunnid thousand? Damn Puff. Rubberz only cost $5!!

12kyle said...

Honorable mention to Kwame! LoL

TravelDiva said...

DH - You're so right. And the media trots out those undecided Hilary voters every chance they get.


Kyle - I agree. Diddy's remarks had a "let them eat cake" vibe--talk about out of touch and arrogant.

Lily said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN SISTER!!!! LOL Agreed agreed and agreed!!!!

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

is diddy for real!!! i might have to go with him