Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Early Joker Nod

Hater Hasselback is at it again. I seriously wish she was stranded on some Survivor island again. Apparently, she took a swipe at Michelle Obama and said that Cindy McCain was open when she appeared on The View, but Obama came in with a list of topics she didn't want to discuss. I'm not a journalist--but that seems like bad form to me. Smarty, you're a journalist--what say you?

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Smarty Jones said...

She's not a journalist either. She's a reality TV "star" who made good by running her trap. This is what she's doing here too, she's running her trap.
I'm not too familiar with TV but I do know that, with politicians especially, they have specific topics that they like to focus on for obvious reasons.
With Michelle Obama, she probably did go to that show with her guard up and that should have been expected. Everything that she's said up until this point has been taken so far out of context, it's not even funny.
Cindy McCain has yet to say anything worth talking about so of course she went without any conditions.
I think she is ultimately going to be reprimanded because on thing you do not do is talk about what goes on behind the scenes in a public forum.
If you guys recall, that is what got Star Jones into trouble. She has and continues to live a sheltered life so she has no idea of what is going on in the world. All she knows is what she sees on TV and it doesn't really matter since she is a part of that massive machine.
Personally, I believe Hater Hasselbeck needs to sit herself down somewhere and leave politics to the politicians.
We'll consult her when we need somebody to talk about hair color, or make-up or something.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

first off, if she felt like she was going to put michelle on blast, then she should have had the balls to let us know what those topics were...because some viewers are going to (intendedly), view it as shady, but it could have been an extremely understandable topic, like perhaps something about her kids...which is totally understandable as a mother to young children. so hasselb*tch needs to pipe down. besides, the episode of the view with michelle obama was supposed to be a chance to see her in a different, more relaxed light with every word out of her mouth being hyper-analyzed. i could have already seen them trying to drudge up the "proud american" comment and other dumbness...

and who WOULDN'T be so-called open...we all know you were a drug addict, husband stealing klepto...so if you have no shame about that stuff, why wouldn't you strut your stuff like you've got it going on? the repubs usually have no shame anyway, as hypocritical as they are

Smarty Jones said...

Hasselb*tch? Classic!

Demon Hunter said...

Exactly, Smarty and PCD. Well said!! ;-)

TravelDiva said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Agreed. Nothing else needs to be said.