Thursday, March 27, 2008

Joker of the WEEK Nominations

Congrats to Geraldine Ferraro for her Joker of the Week win last week, and thanks to all of you who voted. This weeks nominees are......

Hillary Clinton - For lying about being under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia with comedian Sinbad and her daughter, and claiming to have "misremembered." How the heck do you misremember running for cover on the tarmac while snipers shot down on you? Give me a break Mrs. Ready on Day One.

Chelsea Clinton - Although her smackdown of the college student who asked about credibility and the Lewinsky scandal was a bit amusing, if she's going to go around the country stumping for her mom, she's got to answer tough questions about her mother too.

David Paterson - For throwing out all of the skeletons in his closet at the outset of his term on the heels of Spitzer's prostitute crisis. Seriously, affairs, marijuana and cocaine? I really didn't want to know all of that. Come on David.

T.I. - He is allegedly set to plead guilty today for weapons charges. What a waste of talent and opportunity. Did he think about all of his kids before he did this?


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

CITC...ya'll keep playing with me and these polls-LOL!!!! i just want to say that the pic of hilldog and her spawn are HIGH-LARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

ti, just smh. that was so unnecessarily dumb. i wish these rappers would just stop trying perpetuate this image of thuggedry and just rap and make their money. its bad enough they get paid to say some crazy stuff, but why not just let that money roll in? nope, gotta keep it real

well, keeping it real went really wrong for him...dummy

Grown Woman said...

This week's poll is very tough!!

TravelDiva said...


Keeping it real went VERY WRONG!

12kyle said...

I'm a lil biased so I'm not gonna give it to TI. If he only has to do a year. He'll be in there long enough to write a lotta material so he can go platinum when he gets on the streets.

I gotta voe for Hilary

Product Junkie Diva said...

The joker of the week is Hilary..the sniper lie was too funny especially when the video clip was shown. I mean she was actually there as a little girl handed her a poem...LOL That was funnny.
Product Junkie Diva

TravelDiva said...

Looks like Hill is going to win by a landslide!