Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Black/Brown Divide - Topic of the Day

CNN is reporting that Hillary Clinton won 67% of the Hispanic vote in Texas. This has been an issue that has dogged the Democratic Presidential campaign since the start -- that the vast majority of Hispanics are unwilling to vote for Barack Obama. Polls even suggest that Hispanics are unwilling to vote for any Black Candidate. Which raises the question, what is at the root of the Black/Brown divide?

I know there may be a struggle to be the dominant "minority" group in the U.S. I know many Blacks resent Hispanics, believing they have taken jobs that Blacks otherwise would have gotten. But what else is behind this? When I was in college I took a class called the Politics of Race in the Americas and we studied Blacks in all of Latin America and the U.S. What was amazing was that every Latin American country was pretty much the same: Blacks were routinely at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, poor schools, housing, health care, and they even had less access to water. Blacks could however improve their lot by attaining wealth or marrying someone lighter and brighter via a process called "whitening." So I wonder if the constant association of blackness with inferiority in Latin America is also impacting how Blacks and Hispanics interact in the U.S.


P.S. I'm disappointed about last night, but I'm PERSEVERING!


Rhea said...

I didn't know black people were considered inferior in Latin America. I learned something new today. Thanks for your insights.

I just really wish we could all get along, no matter what color we are!! It's hard to change centuries of certain behaviors though. I truly believe knowledge and learning helps break down those barriers.

TravelDiva said...

I totally agree Rhea.

Yeah, that class I took was a REAL eye opener for me.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hmmmmm, i hate to say it, but i think the issues here in the states are relevant to the superficial observances such as jobs and culture. you make an interesting point about inferiority in latin america transferring to the vibe in the US. i wouldn't doubt it. it still seems that the black community is the only one that will not stick together for anything. so a stigma in another country playing itself out here makes total sense....hispanics are hispanics, right? here, there or otherwise. they get that. hispanics long ago realized strength in numbers and the importance of community togetherness.

i won't even front...i have issues with the "browns" because i do not feel it is appropriate how this country has bent over backward to make the UNITED STATES of AMERICA seemingly a larger mexico or latin country in order to exploit them for the country's gain (remember african slaves, anyone?) with that said, it isn't "their" fault, per se...but hispanics KNOW their worth in this country. when the illegals were threatened to be deported a little while back, they took to the streets in droves like "how can you kick us out after you've used us up...forget that we're here illegally!" and for the most worked.

everywhere i go, things are in spanish and english. i can't imagine going to mexico, refusing to even attempt to learn a smidgen of spanish, and then *poof!* everything is is english so i can thrive in a foreign country above and beyond its natives.

it disgusts me on so many levels. i took my baby to the doctor last week and could barely get in the door because a mile long line of mexicans were crowded together to be seen by the espanol speaking receptionist. not a LICK of english being spoken...and i had to sift thru mexican men, women and children just to get up to the empty english speaking counter. it made my stomach boil! i live around some hispanics and they abuse everything around here...the parking, the lawn, the freedom to play music and have parties...except they like to have them every other day at 2AM. they are rude and have an air about them like...this country needs us so we can act a beans-and-rice fool if we want!

aw opened pandora's box here. but as you see, my personal issues stem from cultural differences. i think a huge part of theirs is economic (forgive my disdain...its easily identifiable in my rant)

TravelDiva said...

PCD I definitely opened Pandora's box!

This should yield some interesting comments!

12kyle said...

There is a huge divide between blacks and browns in the US. I don't know if it'll change. In some places, like LA, there is a street war between blacks and browns. My concern about last nights vote is will these folks vote for Obama in November. Obama is gonna win the nomination. For Clinton to win, she'd have to win every election from here on out and that's not gonna happen.

The question is...if they don't vote for Obama, will they vote for McCain. I hope not. I don't know if we could survive another 4 years of shenanigans in the White House.

Don said...

Good post.

This study leads me to believe that Hispanics look down on Blacks in some sort of way, and dont want anything to do with us.

F.U. said...

Travel Diva it is all very interesting and it stems from a culture of people who see black people as inferior to white people and in their minds, in order for them to get ahead -- instead of us working together to take down those that don't give a shit about us -- they think if they stick with the white people they will some how be better for it. You know I have already given my two cents on the issue:

TravelDiva said...

12Kyle - That's a good question that I don't think anyone has really addressed. If there's a genuine opposition to voting for someone Black, then either they'll vote for McCain or stay home.

Don - I think you're absolutely right.

F.U. - I'm going to check out your post.

Anonymous said...

I always knew that Hispanics looked down on blacks. Not all, but many do.

Nadja said...

I have never ever ever looked down on the black community. (I'm half Hispanic) I didn't even know there was such a divide. I guess no one in my family did either. A lot of times I've felt that blacks were more accepting of me than some majorly racist whites. I really, really like Obama black, mixed or otherwise.

TravelDiva said...

That's very interesting Nadja.

Queen of My Castle said...
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James Tubman said...

this aint over yet lol