Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We shall overcome (and denounce and reject if necessary)!!

Can you feel, it? (Play the Jackson 5 song) Can you feel it? I can! And that feeling has been the drug that had me talking out the Ohio debate for almost 5 hours out of the working day. Luckily, I can conduct document review and talk at the same time. In response to the debate here's what I've said more than once in those 5 hours:

He did great on the Farrakan question. The fact that the most militant black man in the country who's all about black power, to the derogation of others, supports Obama unfortunately means something, that white people don't want to accept which is the potential for black empowerment. The fact is that to some black people who may disagree with his views, Farrakan's support makes you take even more notice of Obama who some of us viewed as not black enough.

Clinton has the luxury of deciding who she'll accept support from for the simple fact that she's privileged and white. She can do as she pleases and still get support. When you are black, everything you do you have to think (doubly consciously to quote W.E.B. DuBois) how will other black people view me and how will white people view me? If Obama said F you Farrakan, many of us would have said he's not black enough even if the reason was because of Farrakan's views. So Obama said it right - I reject and denounce Farrakan's views but I'm not going to reject and denounce him for saying i'm a good guy. And to Tavis Smiley who sees himself as the barometer for blackness, I say take that.

Clinton totally demeaned herself complaining that she goes first all the time and then bringing up SNL. If you're so freggin experienced you shouldn't be bothered that you go first all the time and not be concerned that your competitor may copy you. You should be used to it! How can someone so experienced be such a victim. Message to Hillary, if you aren't ready for SNL snipes now, then are you going to cry every Saturday Night when Amy Poler does more impresssions of you on SNL? Never expected to say this, but take a lesson from George Bush.

It's better to denounce - "denounce" means to condemn or censure openly or publicly and "reject" means to refuse to have, take, recognize, etc. Clinton would prefer to refuse to recognize, essentially ignore (as been her strategy with the states she's losing) and not accept a certain type of support. Obama would rather condemn openly that support (He's all about openness by the way). One word produces the image of looking right past or around you and ignoring you; the other produces the image of looking at you directly, calling you out and burning you at the stake. Surprsingly, the way Clinton looked at Obama last night, i'd think she'd favor the word denounce.

SO GUESS WHAT THE FEELING IS - that's right it's HOPE -- feeling like we (who stand against the establishment and want to open our eyes to our government and are tired of our votes and support being taken for granted) will overcome despite the unapproving eyes of those who feel they are better and deserve better than you and who have rejected and denounced you!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT?


TravelDiva said...

LMAO! Great post.

I think Barack handled himself accordingly on both instances. Hillary's problem (aside from the Clinton's taking African American support for granted and being to patronizing) is that she has no answer for Barack. She has not been able to find the right balance of being aggressive and likable at the same time.

I couldn't believe it when she tried to call him on not "rejecting" Farrakhan. Obama said he didn't ask for it, he denounced it, he didn't want it, he distanced himself from it, and he strongly opposed Farrakhan's views. What the h*ll else was he supposed to say? He totally flipped it and made her look stupid. Hillary wanted the headline in the papers to be, "Obama refuses to reject Farrakhan." Well, she didn't get that headline.

I swear I'm going to be going around rejecting and denouncing things for months.

And yes--I can feel it!

TILshopgirl said...

I AGREE!! LMAO on rejecting and denouncing things for months!!! I will too!!!!!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i could have beat hillary with a sock full of nickles when she referenced SNL. how idiotic!!! oh and i posted about the other SNL skit...what are your thoughts on that?

i smell desparation...and i love it!

TravelDiva said...

Not a sock full of nickels! LOL. I posted on your blog PCD.

F.U. said...

And the church said AMEN Travel Diva! I too pondered what in the hell the difference between denounce and reject was -- seeing as how he made very clear that he was not in favor of Farrakhan --but Barack, of course, kept his poise and his intelligence and just let silly lil Hillary play herself.

I know in his head he was thinking, what a dumb bitch. And hell yeah jackass, you can fluff my damn pillow. Get to it!

I love him! And yes boo, I can feel it!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Hilary is being Hilary...A WOMAN, and most women whine...and what I say to that is BLAH BLAH BLAH..get over it or get therapy...and then SIT THAT ASS DOWN!!!!!

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO at F.U. "you can fluff my pillow." HAAAA!

Nadja said...

The way that Hillary is now handling herself shows me that she can't handle her nerves. She starts losing to Obama and now she's like freaking out and acting like an ass. Obama would NEVER lose his cool like that I don't think. I think I'm converting... I guess this is what campaigning is for!! Mazol Tov Obama!

TravelDiva said...

LMAO Nadja

Elle said...

I can feel it! Great commentary

James Tubman said...

clinton is done

there's no way she can catch dude unless he does something incredibly moronic (which he won't)

she's finished

it's all about him versus mccain now