Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Winners and Losers

1. Winner - Carrie Underwood - she was my least favorite idol winner--too dull. But I thoroughly enjoyed the vocals and attitude in her rendition of "Before he cheats."

2. Loser - Aretha Franklin's arms in that spaghetti strap dress....

3. Winner - A. Keys - she looked and sounded great! And the addition of John Mayer during her performance of "No One" = the hotness.

4. Loser - Tina Turner. I know I may be booed on this one. And I enjoyed her overall performance, but I think Tina's age is finally starting to show. When she was 62, she was still shaking it with the best of them. But now, pushing 70, she didn't have the same moves and while enthused, didn't seem quite to know the dance steps. I love you Ida Mae, but not the performance. Beyonce, on the other hand, seemed to respect that Tina was long in the tooth, and bey substantially tamped down her energy. Nice show of respect.

5. Winner - Rihanna's stylist. Her blue Zac Posen dress on the red carpet and her dress while she performed with the Time--on point!!!!!!!!!! Say what you will about her vocals, but girlfriend can dress.

6. Loser - Bebe Winan's stylist. What in the sam hell kind of jacket was he wearing? I couldn't decide whether I was angrier at him for the jacket or ReRe for wearing spaghetti straps during the gospel duet...

7. Winner - The gospel medley--The Clark Sisters, Israel and New Breed and Trinity 5:7. Good stuff.

8. Loser - Amy Winehouse's crack knees. I'm sorry, she should not have worn that dress when she knew she had skinny crack legs. NOOOOOO!

9. Herbie Hancock - Not only for winning album of the year, but for wailing on the piano during the rendition of a George Gershwin classic. Go Herbie!

10. Loser - Beyonce - for having to sit there while Jay won that award with Rih Rih and watch their playful banter.

P.S. Chris Brown's red and white suit - also makes him a loser.

Picture Source - Tina and Bey

Picture source - BeBe and Franklin


TILshopgirl said...

LMAO!!!!!especially on Amy's legs

RiRi is killing the style game fo sho! I considered cutting my hair last night after seeing her on the red carpet! I mean dang! and you'd think halle, fantasia, keisha never rocked the short hair the way people are feeling her new look.

Solange - please have someone in the knowles camp take note - you don't have to dumb your look down so your sister can look like a star. next time you are going to present an award, rock a better weave, way better dress with some color that shows off some curves, and smile, it won't make you look bored.

Grown Woman said...

LMBPAO!! I thought that considering her age, Tina did well. Granted, that should be her last performance BUT she's 70! bey will not be able to rock it when she's that old.

LOL on Bey--yeah, she was salty

DollFace said...

I cut the show off after the T and B performance so I missed most of this.

Overall the awards were a snooze. And they should NEVER be 3.5 hours long!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

RIRI looked tha mess...still pretty but a mess

TravelDiva said...


Sassy said...

LOL!! I hated Ri's blue tutu dress, but I guess she's the only one that can pull it off.

F.U. said...

Rihanna was the hottest chic on the carpet and on stage -- looks wise. I mean, right now, she just can't do any wrong. And damn right Chris Brown was all kind a wrongs for that red and white mess of suit he was wearin. And more importantly, WHY Tasia? I'm still not over her skunktasitcal atrocity! And even more important, was I the only one who couldn't focus on Alicia's hotness due to her rooster head? And yes, I think it is time for Tina T. to put it in a seat. But can you imagine being 70 and being able to get into a silver body suit/tight capri pants -- or whatever that was? And you have to admit, Aretha's arms looked about 5 pounds lighter than they looked the last time she wore that exact same dress. Lastly....Herbie Hancock? Really, they went with Herbie?

TravelDiva said...

To F.U.

LOL on A Keys. Not rooster! The green dress was hot, but I was perplexed by the hair--it was kind of mohawk-esque.

On Tina - That's why I enjoyed the performance still because I'm like--it's slow, but dang--she's 8 years shy of my grandmother's age and still on stage shimmying. So I was impressed.

On Aretha - LMBAO!!!!!!

Salesdiva said...

Imma have to disagree with ya on my girl Tina. I hope to GAWD that I look that good and still got what stamina she brought (and can do it on 3 in heels w/o bustin my azz) when I'm 69. I'll go see her anywhere.

Agree w/ya on Aretha. Somebody has got to look in the mirror with her...PLEASE