Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Potomac, Chesapeake, Capital Beltway, DMV Primary Is Today!

FINALLY! Maryland, D.C. and Virginia vote today. WOOHOO! I took a great deal of pleasure in voting this morning. And unlike previous years, our primary votes actually matter!
Hopefully pledge delegates (the people) will actually decide this election and not superdelegates, but it's not looking good. The superdelegates idea does not seem very democratic to me, especially coming from the "democratic" party. My understanding is that the superdelegates are basically there as a check to make sure the "people" elect the right person to represent the democrats in the general election. The people know who they want to vote for and they should not be overriden by superdelegates.


Don said...

Obama, right?

TravelDiva said...

Hells yeah! Obama and his delegates. LOL