Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fashion Scarves = Islamic Terrorists?

Now I have heard it all. Dunkin Donuts has removed a recent ad featuring Rachael Ray after a Fox news commentator said the scarf Ray wore in the ad resembled scarves worn by Islamic extremists. Michelle Malkin (who has clinched a spot as a contender for Joker of the Week) said that Ray's scarf resembled a a kiffiyeh, a look "popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos." Dunkin Donuts indicated that no such symbolism was intended but they are pulling the ad because they do not want any misunderstanding to detract from the promotion of their iced coffee.

Seriously? Ray is representing Islamic extremists? Anything that looks remotely Middle Eastern is now representative of terrorists and unpatriotic? Talk about a slippery slope. The idea that Dunkin Donuts--home of glazed donuts, bacon and cheese croissants and coolattas is some kind of promoter of terrorism is absolutely ridiculous. Ms. Malkin should have better things to do than policing donut ads.

Moreover, I find it extremely ironic that Malkin is discussing donuts and terrorists when commentators on her network suggested that Obama should be assassinated along with Osama.
Others on Malkin's "hate couture" watch list: Kanye West, Colin Farrell and DNC Chair Howard Dean.
Here's a pic of Ms. Malkin...


Smarty Jones said...

What the freak ever!!! The talking heads on Fox are terrorists - all of them. Look at the definitiion of terrorist and what do you get?
Check it out, terrorist: a person who terrorizes or frightens others.
Doesn't that sound like those Fox clowns and Republicans? I rest my case.

TILshopgirl said...

Good post. I'm glad they've removed the commerical - not because of the scarf. I just don't like Rachel Ray. She annoys me. The less of her on TV, the better. Yeah, I'm hating. I wish somebody gave me a tv show for making a mean dish in less than 30 minutes.

TravelDiva said...

Preach Smarty!


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, that pic of malkin was like a terroristic attack on my eyes...she looks possessed!

TravelDiva said...


Nadja said...

Oh Smarty Jones! YES!