Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Picture Sources

Ok, so I know by now you've heard the rumors that Jay and Beyonce were secretly married in France last week. The proof? Well, apparently Beyonce has a "IV" tattooed on her left ring finger and Jay-Z has the same tattoo. People are speculating that they have these tattoos instead of traditional rings. First of all, that is not proof--the pic of Jay's "wedding ring" isn't even clear--who knows what the hell has has on his finger? Second of all, let's just assume for a moment that they did get married. Why do we actually care? I'll tell you why...we care so that in a couple of weeks, we can speculate on either Beyonce's pregnancy or their divorce. We don't really care if they're happy. We just want more news to talk about. I, for one hope that they didn't get married because you know what? They'll be divorced in a couple of years. For some strange reason, celebrity marriages just don't work. Or, if they did get married (which I seriously doubt), I hope that they kept it secret like Janet Jackson did back in the day.

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TILshopgirl said...

DITTO!!!! And why tatoo when you can bling the heck out with a ring. Just seems against their hip hop coture culture.