Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Joker of the Week Nominations

Wesley Snipes - For being conveniently black like OJ now that he's facing a tax trial....

Ruben Studdard - He cancelled an appearance at my church this week at the last minute AFTER the Christmas program was built around him, tickets were sold and the event was advertised. Since I'm speaking on church I'm going to try and refrain from disparaging remarks.

Old man at Iowa debate - He questioned Obama's loyalty to the black community and actually referenced the OJ decision. I need to insert the quote to give the full effect. “[S]omething has been sticking in my craw...a certain fella committed two murders in California and the jury found him not guilty. And all they said was, ‘It’s payback time.’ How are you going to have that come out in this election to combat one of your competitors?...The black jury in Los Angeles, the reason they found O.J. not guilty was ‘payback...for mistreatment by white America...How are you going to get that brought out in your campaign? Will the same thing happen? If he should become elected, you think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey are going to let him forget about that and their obligation? Obama, has never said anything about payback for the problems the blacks have had getting their foothold in society.” (Can I declare this fool the winner and have done with it? Really. Now I'm torn between him and Ruben!)

Buddha, New York and Tailor made and anyone who understands this reference.

Picture Source: Snipes

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Grown Woman said...

LMPBAO on the Buddha, New York and Tailormade nominations since I'm a joker for understanding...