Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Wish List

Like most, I pray for a solution to world poverty, a cure for cancer, an end to senseless violence, war and terrorism. But there are also some other more basic things that are on my holiday wish list this year. :-)

1. A winning MegaMillions and/or Powerball ticket - Self-explanatory

2. Idris Elba - Lord have mercy. I saw This Christmas last weekend and was positively mesmerized every time he stepped onscreen. Will somebody give this man more movie roles?! He's giving the Rock a serious run for celebrity I wouldn't mind stalking. HA!

3. A trip to Dubai - I would have to stay at the Burj Al Arab, the best hotel in the world allegedly. Each two level suite is equipped with its own butler. Hey, we could all use some time pampered by Geoffrey couldn't we?

4. A Jodeci reunion cd - I had the misfortune of seeing K-Ci and Jo Jo's lackluster, disjointed, Sandman please dance out here and give these jokers the boot performance this past June during the New Edition tour. So I have no desire to see a live Jodeci reunion. HOWEVER, I can't help but think about the greatness that was Diary of a Mad Band or the remixes of Come and Talk to Me or I'm Still Waiting, and long for a studio album.

5. A new Ipod or a cognac leather fendi spy bag.

Given that I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting most of the things on my list, I will most likely have to settle for a new I pod. What's on your holiday wish list this year?

Picture Source - Burj
Picture Source - MegaMillions
Picture Source - Elba


James Tubman said...

I always wondred if i would win the pick five if i bought 500 dollars worth of tickets

i don't wanna do it because if i lost i might commit suicide

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Anonymous said...

I currently have Jodeci's final CD in my CD player in my car. A reunion CD would be wonderful. New Edition did it, so I still have hope for Jodeci. Hell, even the Jacksons are talking about a reunion tour. Who in the hell is interested in seeing 60 year old Jackie and Tito? LMAO.

Dubai is my dream vacation. There's a fascinating article online by an African-American college student who spent a semester in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

I want a winning lottery ticket for at least 1 mill. Then I can do and buy everything else on the list.

TravelDiva said...


LOL! A fellow Jodeci head! I heard about the Jackson reunion on the radio!

That's pretty interesting on the black college student in Dubai. Do you know where it is online?

KreativeMix said...

I'm off to buy my weekly powerball ............. [insert sigh and wishful thinking :-)

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