Friday, October 3, 2008

Jokers Of The Week

Sigh. I'm sure many of you saw the debate. You betcha, doggonit, darn right, maverick, reform, energy, change, "nuculur" - delivered with a smile and a wink. I think that sums up Sarah Palin's performance. But I'm not sure who I am more disgusted by: Palin who delivered written talking points with a twangy energizer bunny like enthusiasm, but expressly refused to actually answer questions; or the media analysts who are falling over themselves because she didn't start crying and quit, but was "folksy" and likeable. Ummm, she responded to a question about the credit crisis and bankruptcy by talking about her record on energy. WTF? Is this serious? Joe Biden demonstrated passion and a vast knowledge of both domestic and foreign policy issues and the media is falling over themselves because Palin winked at the American people.
Thank goodness the instant polls show that Americans thought Biden won the debate. Some people are actually using their brains.
That is why I am naming both Sarah Palin and media political analysts the Jokers of the Week.
Biden is my winner of the week for gracefully smacking Palin down with facts and not just campaign slogans. Go Joe!


Lily (aka GlobalGal) said...

I'm right there with you!! I can't believe they're saying she did good. Umm am pretty sure they wouldn't say OBAMA was "folksy" if he busted out the darn rights and gotchas!!!! They would've been ALL over him. Anyway I thought this was hilarious and wanted to share:

As they say in here, this is really AN OPEN AND SHUT CASE!!!!

Smarty Jones said...

Well they had to give her something for showin' up.
This is the political "A for effort."

TravelDiva said...

Globalgal (love the name) - Girl, you're "darn right." Obama would be an ignorant you know what. Not Joe six pack. I'll check the video out.

Smarty--You are so right!

12kyle said...

If Obama got on stage and winked and gave shout outs like he was at The BET Awards, they'd call him everything under the sun

Don said...


Funny ish, I can't add anything more to your perfect description. She did good at the VP debate but that's only because everyone was expecting her to mess up.

Don said...

She did good, minus the obvious lies and 'when all else fails talk real sexy like Marilyn Monroe when answering a question or 'trying' to make a point.'

TravelDiva said...

12Kyle - LMBAO on the shoutouts! That is SO TRUE! They would say it was some kind of terrorists chant. HA!

Don - Low expectations...