Thursday, October 16, 2008

Janet - Ms. Jackson If You're Nasty!

I went to see the diva known as Janet Jackson last night at her D.C. leg of the Rock Witchu tour, along with my girls Lily and Nadine. One word- FANTABULOUS. I've seen her a couple of times before so the awesomeness that is Janet is no surprise to me. I have been a fan for a million years. I remember borrowing my father's "Control" album and playing it on my record player or having the Rhythm Nation tape (not the CD, not an I Tunes download--but a good old fashioned tape). So my JJ love goes waaaay back.

Even with the vertigo and all of the postponements, she still brought her A game! And she had to bring it even harder because that joker LL Cool J was a no-show!! (I'm so tempted to send him a nasty gram. I was all set to hear "Around the way girl" and "I'm going back to Cali" --instead we sat there for an hour listening to a DJ--Quicksilver is the man, but I wanted LL! Bum! I know who will make the Joker Contender list this week...)

ANYHOO, Janet came out fierce as ever. Since I've seen her before I knew she wasn't necessarily dancing as hard as she normally does, but she was still gettin' it. From the moment she opened the show with "Pleasure Principle," she treated the audience to a futuristic travel through time and I literally danced for 99% of the show. She sang ALL of my favorites and not just a verse--she did a couple of verses and even the breakdown. I nearly lost my voice screaming when she did the "If" dance breakdown. Here are the songs I remember:

  • Pleasure Principle

  • What have you done for me lately

  • Control

  • Nasty

  • Let's Wait awhile

  • Feedback

  • Call on Me

  • Alright

  • Escapade

  • Got Til it's gone

  • Funny how time flies

  • Come back to me

  • Doesn't Really Matter

  • Miss you much

  • Rhythm Nation

  • If

  • If you want this

  • Together again

  • Runway love

  • Rock Witchu

  • When I think of you

  • So Excited

  • All for you

  • Anytime, Any place

  • Love will never do without you

  • One love

  • That's the way love goes

  • Again

  • I get so lonely

AND SO MUCH MORE. AND she was sexy. She once again pulled a man out of the audience and made his life. She did things to him that he will NEVER forget. HA. At 42, she is still gettin' it. Take notes Bey and Rih. That's a legend.

Sidenote--Her man Jermaine Dupri was there in the middle of the audience in the Rock Witchu lounge, bobbin' his head, supporting his woman. Love it!

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Lily said...

Great post chica! Last night was SO amazing! Janet is a TRUE artist and she is SO HOTHOTHOT, hotter than any of those scantily-clad women they call artists nowadays!! We had a BLAST and I'll never forget what that scene with the guy either LOL... he definitely died, went to heavent, came back and went again. We sang screamed and danced 99% of the time. JANET ROCKS!!!!! ANd no words on the set, the COSTUMES (WOW) - a mix of VIctorian detachable skirts and alien jumpsuits... just amazing!

TravelDiva said...

So right!

12kyle said...

I've never seen her in concert but i know that she gives you everything that she has

Ms. Bee said...

That had to be amazing! I love her dearly!

Boo LL!!!!!!!!