Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so we profess to be some big friggin Melting Pot but we all know that's a load of crap. And if you didn't know before, this election has proved this to be true. Here, we have a formidable African-American candidate who exemplifies this so-called American Dream I've heard of all my life. He's pulled himself up from his bootstraps to become (prayerfully) the next President of the United States. Isn't that a good thing? Apparently, not. Here's the twist--what they didn't tell us about the American Dream is that it applies to some but not all Americans. Or, if it does apply to all Americans, there are limitations for your "dreams". Becoming an attorney, doctor, entrepreneur, athlete is enough. But, for an African-American (or any racial minority) to become the President of this Melting Pot is a bit too "high minded" "uppity" "ambitious" for some to accept. So, when labeling him as "inexperienced" didn't work or merely questioning his "patriotism" failed--then they called him a "terrorist", "dangerous", "Arab and Muslim". There are actually people screaming "Off with his head" and "kill him" at Mccain/Palin rallies.

And when some Redneck ignorantly claimed that Senator Obama was an Arab, McCain's response was "No, he's not. He's a decent man". Other than the fact that his defense of Senator Obama seemed insincere, I didn't think much of his statement at the time. But, now I wonder what he meant by "no he's a decent man". Is he somehow suggesting that Arabs and Muslims are not decent individuals? While I was offended when that Redneck called him an "Arab", I'm now asking myself "why"? When did calling someone an Arab or Muslim become a "slur"? Yes, I understand that her comment contained a racist and ignorant undertone BUT what if he was a Muslim or Arab would that be a disqualifier? Would he still have my vote?

I'd like to think so, but I'm not sure. I'm a Christian and I don't believe that individuals with other religions are evil heathens destined for hell. But, would I be more comfortable with another Christian as my President? I'm a rational thinker so I know that all Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists. But would I feel comfortable with an Arab-American as my President? I'm embarrassed to admit this but apparently I'm not the only one with these thoughts. People are either saying that Obama is an evil Arab or no, he's not--"He's a good man, he's one of us". So, are we saying that something is wrong with being an Arab or Muslim? What about the millions of Arabs and Muslims living in this country who are patriotic and are voting in a few weeks? They are our fellow Americans who are law abiding, tax payers who were either born here or came here to get a piece of the American Dream. Should they feel like a "slur"? Who the hell should they vote for--the right who says vote for McCain and not the evil, unpatriotic Arab terrorist who just pretends to be Christian when he's really just some Muslim or the left who says vote for Obama because he's a Christian not some terrorist.

Is it just me or should Arabs and Muslims be offended?


12kyle said...

did you notice how mcklan acted like it took everything in him to give obama a compliment? he's a busta

Ms. Bee said...

I'm very very offended.

He gave us a little glimpse of just how racist he is. I'm sure it's killing him to be lagging behind "that guy."

TravelDiva said...

They should be extremely offended. Arab and Muslim = indecent, crazy, un-American terrorists. It is so unbelievably offensive. It just ticks me off. When he said, oh, he's a decent man. What the h*ll does that mean? McCain/Palin rallies look like Klan rallies to me; and I'm disgusted that more people aren't saying, hey wait a minute--this is discrimination.

Grown Woman said...

I heard that at one rally someone was holding a stuffed monkey with the name Obama on it. This is ridc.

TravelDiva said...

I saw the monkey on CNN. SO OFFENSIVE. They also held up Obama Bin Lyin' signs.

Smarty Jones said...

Hell yea, they oughta be offended. I'm offended and I'm a Christian.
Ya'll know it's only going to get worse, right?
In fact, it already has, a Republican women's magazine showed a picture of him on a food stamp with pictures of ribs, watermelon, a bucket of KFC and some Kool-Aid.
Now, is this or is it not enough to be pissed about?

Opions Across America said...

McCain + Palin = AmeriKKKa. Don't just vote for Obama. Call your friends and neighbors and tell them why they need to vote for Obama. Knock on doors. Make phone calls. This is the most important election of our lifetime. It's not just an election - it's our FUTURE!