Sunday, June 15, 2008

Obama Calls Out Absent Black Fathers On Father's Day

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama called out black men for abandoning their familial responsibilities at a predominantly African American church on Father's Day this Sunday. He said, too many black men are "missing from too many lives and too many homes....They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it." He then called on them to step up to the plate essentially.



Anonymous said...

Well first, why is he only calling on Black fathers? um a little racist himself?

Secondly, I grew up with a father who was mean and demeaning so what value was that? No father would have been better.

Sorry Oby, too early to be using the kings cepter like good old Georgey.

scorpi2000 said...

I'm a single dad, I've been with my son since before birth. talking to him while he was still in his mothers womb. Seconds after birth he recognized my voice opened his eyes and smiled at me while reaching out. I raised my son as a single father since he was three. That's him next to the D.N.A. model we worked on together. That's also him at three years old at the end of the video. "Please daddy dont leave".


UNITED SCHOLASTIC STUDENT MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAM was also inspired by him and my experience with the public school system.

I live in the city, an African American neighborhood, where their is a lack of fathers present to support and giude their children.

I sacrificed jobs and money to personally walk my son thru his formative years. I really felt all alone, mostly mothers and their children. Many without fathers present in their lives. I sacrificed also dating because I felt it would distract me from my double duties. His mother was not available. Many mothers overwhelmed me with their request for me to be there for their children and be a good influence for their sons too. Where were their fathers ? Some working, some not there. I reluctantly turned the mothers down because, they were not willing to make the same sacrifices. They were not aware of the some of the issues and beleifs I was instilling in my son that were absent in their lives. Not only did I not have time or extra to sacrifice ,but trying to combine the up bringing of my child, as a single father and help with their children, would have been too much for me to handle . Being an only child I took on the roll of being father, mother, brother, and friend.
I taught him computers before kindergarten, and stayed close to him all along the way as he maintained an A average. He graduated from grammar school Valedictorian 3.9 average. I was so proud of him and glad I made the sacrifice.
Hes a junior in high school now, and so far wer'e beating the odds.......Now college ,,,,some how Im going to pull that off too.

A Fathers Involvement makes a Biiiiig difference.


Smarty Jones said...

I'm glad he did it. Somebody needs to say something. I think that was the subject for everybody's sermon today.
I think it's only a matter of time before there are snippets on YouTube and tomorrow, Lou Dobbs will be talking about Obama's hate speech.
Now that Obama is making a decent run for the White House, everything he does, says and goes will be under fire.
I don't see the harm in calling on Black fathers because of the setting he was in. Why would he speak on absentee Asian, White and Hispanic fathers if the majority of the crowd was not Asian, White and Hispanic?
I'm glad he did say it. Whether he's bi-racial or not, there are a lot of black men and black boys looking up to him now and he's using his current position in a positive way.
I commend him for that.

Anonymous said...

Barack was speaking to AA becauses the Church he was in was AA. I'm sure that if this is taken to the media, in which it was, not by choice, it would have been directed to all. It was a speech to a congregation of AA and not a national address. I think we are becoming too sensitive to racial matters. Let's just think of this as a speech to a black or AA church, nothing else. HE IS NOT A RACIST!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased that Mr. Obama has come out and made these types of remarks which I beleive are a sign of true leadership. (Note, I don't support Obama). I feel these remarks should be extended to all fathers. Strong families make for a strong society and a strong America. Being a supportive and involved dad is being a great American. I truly hope that all Americans realize that opportunities for greatness are abundant in this country...often this means simply being a father. Finally, I feel the strength of our country has been reflected in the two presidential nominies. OUr turbulent times have yielded two great men fighting for one office...God has blessed America.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

mm..ok if this was a white candidate calling for all black fathers to be present..,,He would be called racist by black people...But, wait a minute....Why is he only calling on black fathers? Is his statement the beginning of just more to come that will make this country even more racist and separated, if this man becomes the president??

gomad9 said...

This is for Anonymous. 1st of all a white candidate wouldn't talk about black fathers because the white candidate is not black!!!! Obama can talk about this because he is black well half black. But still he is black. He lived in a fatherless home. Yes all races have fathers that don't take care of their kids, but African American make up the majority. This was a very positive speech, on a very special day. If you didn't see this speech as positive for all Americans, you are either blind,delusional, or a John Mccain supporter, which is the same thing...

Obama 08!!!! Yes We Can!!!!

HIM Yao Sui, Emperor of China said...

This blog was linked to the CNN story found at

Subject: Obama calls absent black fathers to task

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Barack Obama celebrated Father's Day by calling on black fathers, who he said are "missing from too many lives and too many homes," to become active in raising their children.

"They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. ..."

This comment below is being posted by HIM Yao Sui, Officially Emperor of China and head of state of China, living in exile in the United States of America:

Since I could not find a place to comment at the CNN site, they, CNN, listed your blog just below their article.

I am a solid US citizen of Chinese ancestry. My family has lived in this nation (USA) since 1871 with the coming of my grandfather.

It is my wish to see an upright America. A country that respects God and believes in good things, like God, nation, family, and apple pie!

My family have big dreams of change or stability for China. We are not the evil nation that my best friend President George W. Bush talked about!

I think that it is good for any man to ask the best from his people, yet Barack Obama seems to be only supporting the Black community over White America. He seems to want a strong Black America will being critical of America (White America) and I think that this is wrong on Barack Obama's part.

As the President of the United States of America, he has an obligation to the entire population of this country first and an unwritten duty as the President of the most powerful nation in the world to other nations.

Freedom and democracy speaks loudly to many nations, yet we do not have the full cooperation of America and the full cooperation of a righteous and upright President in your nation. When will this ever happen?

Comments can be left for me but to insure that I read your comments, you may write to me at, guoclan

Thank you,

HIM Yao Sui, Emperor of China,
head of state in exile (living in USA)

HIM Yao Sui, Emperor of China said...


Sorry, I forgot to post my family links (profiles).

Anonymous said...

As president he needs to rise above the politics he so claims to be against. "obama calls out absent black fathers.." Sounds very elitist. I was an Obama supporter not a Mac supporter, until today.

pdyoung said...

Anonymous, you are bitter because of your experience with your father, but at least you learned what is not a father. There are millions of African Americans who have major problems in life because they feel that their father did not want them abd proved it by leaving them. They have no idea how it feels to have a good or a bad father for that matter. I feel that Obama should have addressed this problem that exist more in the African American community than in any other community.

Anonymous said...


I agree 100% with what you are saying in regards to how the fathers need to be in their childs life. However, what happens when you have a father that wants to be in his childs life; but the ex-wife does not allow you visitation. Let me explain: I am an overseas contractor who gets to come home on vacation every 4 months for 12-16 days. Prior to me going overseas, I made an verbal agreement with the mother of my son that upon my return for vacation, "that my son would spend that time with me". She agreed. Now mind you, I have been in my sons life since before birth, and my son and I share a very special bond. Well, she gets jealous at the fact that I want to take my son on a disney cruise; which of course he was looking forward too. She then leaves the state where our divorce decree was signed, that gave me quite liberal visitation; and when I come home, I am not even able to SEE my son!!! I called the police, sherrif, judge, attorneys, the pope, the man in the moon, anybody that should be able to help me. And guess what, all they could say is "there is nothing that we can do; she has to let you see him".
So, now my son is crushed because he was looking forward to spending time with me, and doesnt even get to see me. Oh, I am sorry, but did I mention that I had to track them down first, by bringing the police to her relatives house? Now, I ask you, what do you do when you are made to be absent by "Foolish Baby-Momma Drama?"

Until you come up with an answer, dont go running your trap until there are set legislations in order that give the "Non-Custodial Parent" greater liberities in their childs life.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for him to support his kids, are we now to give him a gold star? The missing fathers know who they are and some may have reasons that are not in their control to change,like a mother that keeps the children from the father,non parental visits per divorce,some may not even know they have kids,but the ones that know they have kids know the reason they are not in their lives and by obama shouting it to the nation wont change the situation. who is he to judge others? I grew up with a father that I wished I never had due to abuse in the family and my mother never divorced him, believe me all my siblings would of rather grew up without a father then to of had the one we had! so don't go preaching to fathers unless you know everyones situation! it just makes obama look like he is trying to present himself better then some other father who he doesnt even know the situation. he wont get a gold star from me for staying with his children. and even though he was in a black church, if he wanted to preach this to fathers he should of included all fathers not just black ones the black community should be disappointed that they focused only on them. he carries the sterotype around that all black fathers are worthless!

Anonymous said...

Here we go! Fellow Americans, this is your first taste of how divided this country will be if Obama becomes President. Remember his previous statement, "Our time has come"? Gee, I wonder if he's talking about Democrats as a whole or just blacks? I am a Democrat, but I refuse to vote for this joker. My vote will go to McCain.

SRD said...

We need to sit back and cease looking for reasons to be offended. It is a known fact that the majority of African American are run by single mothers. It is a crisis of magnitude proportion and it is reflected in the high rate of juvenile deliquency and high rate of death in particularly with the male gender in this community. Obama was addressing this crisis and encouraging responsibility and seeking to abandon the excuses to keep one from stepping to the plate of fatherhood. And because I listened intently to the message he spoke--he also said this applies to all fathers of all background (for those who wants to polarized this message). This is a message that can be adopted by all but especially in the African American community where the crisis is more prevalent and this message was more appropriate. I think Obama should be commended and not criticized for speaking --number one, in church and proclaiming his faith --number two, Obama boldly spoke about the ills that plagues all of society for if crime level is high in the inner city --it won't be long before it spills over in the suburbs, and he also was inclusive to extend this exhortation to all men and that means white, black, brown, red, and yellow. All is inclusive and yes, his focus was on the crisis that is impacting the inner city children for one cancer erupts in one area of the city spreads to the entire atmosphere and therefore this speech was for the benefit of all. We should not be so easily offended and looking for reasons to complain for how many candidates of different color --only address the concerns of big corporations or the rich and overlooked the regular guy regardless of color? How many complaints rose to the top of the lungs then. Or was it excused until it became a problem once the gas rose to such a high level that we could no longer ignored the imbalanced of care administrated by the current administration. When Obama was at a Jewish meeting, he addressed and reassured the Jews that he would always support Israel and rightly so. He would have been admist to address the concerns of the African American plight within that arena. So, it is true when one speaks to an African American church--he addressed their concerns and in the midst of the monologue --extended the message to all. It is much whining about nothing--keep things in perspective and you will live a longer and less stressful life. Know when to be upset and when to take things in context.

Anonymous said...

It usually hurts someone when you generalize. I am not black, but my son was relocated to the East Coast. There isn't much our good old government will do about that except give old Dad the bill for mom's house. I have my son a couple a months a year, but in no way feel supported by any candidate or part of government. Men know the injustice so they sign off at birth rather that ruin decades of their lives.

Anonymous said...

We need to get back to the basics. All of our problems stem from the acceptance of divorce. "Let me say, no one should be in any marriage being abused.

If divorce wasn't accepted, we wouldn't be having this problem now. Son and daughters will know how to love and be love from both parents. Resulting in more lovable relationship in their own lives.

The economy wouldn't be so bad, instead of the same family paying for 2 and 3 the cars, using energy for two homes, stocking two refrigerators. While this is going on, the same family isn't saving a dime for the future, college or problems that arise.

We would see the acceptance of homosexual marriages. Fathers wouldn't accept this from their sons or daughters.

The marriage union fits like a glove. Man and women compliment each other so well, it's almost seemless, if given a chance. Accept your roles!!!

Finally, you hear these days, you should stay together for the kids. If there was more of a reason to stay together, it would be for the kids. Your life becomes the life of your kids, for 18 years and then some. BACK TO THE BASICS PEOPLE!

TravelDiva said...

WOW. This is a hot topic! Interesting comments.

I understand what he was saying and I agree. I think there are a lot of absentee fathers in the African American community and it's a problem. I think it shows that he's willing to take strong positions even those relating to his most loyal constituents.

At the same time, I feel I need to hear the whole speech because some of the excerpts make me wonder who he was talking to. On the one hand--black men. On the other hand, he is a politician and once you start discussing not relying on past injustices to justify conduct, are you pandering to a broader audience?

Whatever the purpose, it certainly has sparked an interesting debate.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

dangit, i'm late today...anyhoo, i can't believe people are actually trying to view his speech as racist. black people can't talk to or relate to other black people now? so i guess his ads in spanish are racist too? i mean, who is he to acknowledge and try to reach out to the latin community here in america, the place he's running for the presidency? curse thee i say!

also, can we not be just a tad insightful and not so literal? obviously NO ONE is suggesting that a father stay around that is abusive or not being a supportive, loving father? geez, i guess you can't please everyone all of the time, but let's not make extra steps to try to find a problem with everything. kudos to obama for having the courage to speak on a sometimes hushed or ignored problem in the black family...

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh, and if you were an obama supporter until this speech was made, then you really weren't a supporter. i laugh at some of the reasons people are finding not to support this man. one! bitter much? hurry up and jump on the mccain train...

TravelDiva said...

LOL PCD. True True. McCain?! You know I originally missed that post. Ummm, why on God's green earth would anyone switch their vote to McCain just because they disagree with Obama speaking on this issue? That's pretty ridiculous. You find Obama's speech racist so you switch to someone who voted against a holiday for MLK? That's rational.



12kyle said...

i love it! it needed to be done and i don't take offense to him doing it!

Nadja said...

OK, this gives me the perfect opportunity to ask a question that I've been wondering about since I was pregnant with Ms. Bee. Granted, it's stereotyping people, but I think it's a positive stereotype.

While I was pregnant I noticed that black men, whether they were 15 or 85 years old, as a rule were WAY nicer to me than any others. They would fall all over themselves to pick something up for me, hold a door, etc.

Is there something different in the raising practices? Was it just a coincidence?