Monday, April 7, 2008

That's What S/He Said! (Ray J Edition)

Do you ever see a "celebrity" or politician or someone on t.v. that just irks you? Like Bush or Cheney or Paris Hilton? Ray J is becoming one of those people for me. I hate to give Ray J anymore attention, but I have to blog some of his more recent gems. He is so desperate to be a tough, hard "thug" to overcome his image as Brandy's little brother that he will literally do or say anything. He is definitely one of the most annoying people on Earth to me.

Ray J (on himself) - "I’m the number one young independent boss of R&B. I don’t think nobody is independent in R&B but me that’s doing it on a scale like this. So I think I’m in my own lane as far as being my own CEO, executive producing my own project, and shooting my own videos. It’s all about people believing what you say, the concepts I’m touching on. People are believing it the same way people would believe Usher or R. Kelly."

Ray J (on Pac) - "We walked in one day and Faith was sitting on Pac’s lap while Pac was writing a verse. It was like, "What the f*ck is going on?" That was one of the craziest sights, dog. Faith was in Pac’s lap. I was like, "What the f*ck? I know I’m not? Is that? It can’t?" Three weeks later, “Hit ‘Em Up” came out...I always just hung out with Pac and smoked and chilled. He always used to give young n*gg*s advice to just work hard and never give up on your dreams."

Ray J (on Biggie)
"I was with Big two days before he died. I smoked two or three blunts with Big. We watched a Lil Kim video. He talked to me about some real sh*t. He was gonna get on the remix for “Everything That You Want” off my album and then two days later he was dead. He invited me to his hotel....The day he died, I seen him with Puff. I tried to say what’s up to Puff, but Puff didn’t see me. Then I seen Big and he was like, "What’s up, my n*gg*." I hugged Big and the n*gg* smelled like soap. That’s all I remember. He just smelled fresh like, "Damn, he a big n*gg* but he smell like soap." (Insert blank stare)


Product Junkie Diva said...

It doesn't matter how hard he tries to be or what circle he tries to run with, I will always remember him as the little boy on Sinbad's show back in the (I don't even remember the name of the show but he had a little sister and they lived with Sinbad. And he is always Brady's baby bro so Ray just stop embarrasing yourself PLEASE...if not for the public do it for your momma.
Product Junkie Diva

Grown Woman said...

LMBPAO---I'm laughing out loud in my office right now. OK, first of all--no, he didn't compare himself to RKelly and Usher. He had one hot song like 7 years ago!!

And the references to smoking with both Biggie and Pac--funny that he had to talk about his interactions with two DEAD rappers. Could't lie about his non-existent relationship with Jay or Fiddy b/c they'd come right out and say that they don't know what the hell he's talking about.

Why report that Biggie smelled like smoke?
The only truth that he said was that Puff ignored him when he spoke. LOL

He's hysterical. He needs to get over himself. He's a Beverly Hills rich kid. Not a gangsta.

Grown Woman said...
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TravelDiva said...

LOL PJD! I remember that. It was on Fox. I think it was the Sinbad Show. I think...

LMBAO GW! Yeah, I could see Diddy ignoring him. LOL. He's like, "Puffy didn't see me." Mmmhmmm. Right Ray J. Right.

Still_Pocahontaz said... it seemed as if he had respect for Big..and if that is true than how the hell you end up boning his main chick Lil Kim…Ray J…listen, Ima need that azz to take a nap until around Christmas…simple ass!!

12kyle said...

I wish we were in the same room so I could slap this fool! LOL

Nadja said...

Seriously, we all know that he comes from a good family in the suburbs that drive Volvos and whatnot. He can cool it with the gangsta vibe.

TravelDiva said...

Still Poca - SO TRUE!!!!!!!! I hadn't even thought about that.

12Kyle - LMBAO!!!!!!!! Agreed!

Nadja - Not a volvo. LOL. I know, we know his whole family so why is he acting like he grew up in Compton?

Smarty Jones said...

The name of the show was "The Sinbad Show" and he was lil' orphan LJ. He is really gettin' on my good nerve. Why does he and half of my little teenage cousins believe that he can sing?
That dude has had a few "hit" songs, I say 'hit or miss,' with "Wait A Minute," "One Wish" and now "Sexy, Can I."
Face it, Lil' Kim and the Neptunes made "Wait A Minute," I still don't understand why people were feeling "One Wish" and "Sexy Can I" has a tight beat.
Shiiiiiiittttttt, if I had "one wish" it would be that everyone "wait a minute" before they buy the album with "sexy can i" on it.

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO SMARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is wait a minute wasn't really a hit hit. I mean, it had some rotation, but did it hit top 10 or even top 20?

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

ray j is a fucking mess, e irritates me

pardon my french

Eb the Celeb said...

uuuh... no Ray J. No one is believing you have talent... they are bumping ya song in the club for now and then you will fall off the face of the earth again just like you did after wait a minute. I cant believe he compared himself to Usher and Kels...psh

I really want him to keep pac out of his mouth. That is my boo... and why is he being a snitch and bringing up old ish...

"he a big nig but he smell like soap" did you really let that come out of your mouth... Ok.. I'm done!

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