Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Joker Of the Week Nods - YOU DECIDE

Normally, CITC lists out nominees for Joker of the Week and then posts polls. But we wanted to give fellow bloggers an opportunity to submit nominations for this week's running. We will leave the nomination process open until Friday morning and then post the nominees for voting.

To be clear, a "Joker" is someone who engages in some sort of shenanigans that are stupid, racist, ignorant, silly, deplorable, sexist, offensive and/or straight up ridic. A joker can be a celebrity, a politician, a fellow blogger or your next door neighbor. Anybody can get it! See below pics of some past winners:

Nas and Kelis
Jan Adams
Bill O'Reilly


12kyle said...


Hilary gets my vote!

And she gets a vote that I'ma cast for Craig and nem! LOL

Smarty Jones said...

Can I nominate the democratic electorate of Pennsylvania for being gulliable to think that the Clintons have their best interest at heart?

Smarty Jones said...

Oh, and Khia for plagarizing herself on VH1's "Miss Rap Supreme." That was just sad. The least she could have done was spell 'respect' right.

TravelDiva said...

12Kyle - LMBAO on Hillary.

Smarty - That's a darn good nomination!!!!! And LOL on KHIA!