Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Something Is Wrong With This Picture

CNN is reporting that Bush just vetoed a bill to expand health insurance coverage for low income children. The Democrats intend to attempt to override the veto, but don't currently have enough votes in the House of Representatives to do so. The proposed bill would cost an estimated $35 billion over the course of the next 5 years. Yet, this same President wants to spend $190 billion in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008 alone. Am I the only person outraged by this? We can spend billions abroad on an unjust, disastrous and failing war, but are reluctant to provide health insurance to young children in the U.S? There is something terribly wrong with this picture........

Picture Source: MW

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Anonymous said...

Hi there ,

I share the assertion totally and widely with ya and i dare think we are facing another government which were not chosen by the american people because one can easily see that the preoccupation of the population are not taken into account which should open the eyes of any voters to vote for the future of their kids in the comin years