Thursday, October 18, 2007


Congrats to P. Diddy for garnering 71% of the vote and being named Joker of the Week. Who will take next week's crown?

  • Britney Spears - It's bad enough that she lost custody of her kids to friggin' K-Fed, but now TMZ is reporting that she's even lost visitation rights until she complies with all of the court's orders. In addition, she had to turn herself in to authorities this week for a hit and run in August and driving without a valid license. Will somebody take this chick to the altar? Lawd have mercy.

  • Senator Larry Craig - For changing his story so many times and refusing to resign after the airport, wide-stance bathroom stall debacle, and for generally looking shady on the Today show this week while defending his actions.

  • O.J. - Two of his co-defendants are now going to testify against him in the burglary case. Things look mighty grim for the Juice.


Anonymous said...

All these people need help, except Ellen and they agency, they need tissues! I have to say - why is it that the joker of the week always in need of a LAWYER and a spiritual advisor! every one of them. craziness.

Sassy said...

Larry Craig needs to stop lying. I'm over Ellen and the Dog. I'm sure there are real issues out there like why TI is buying weapons of mass destruction.

TravelDiva said...

Stop it Sassy. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!