Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok, since the whole world is talking about the Chrianna reconciliation, I suppose I should chime in also. I heard on the radio this morning that Rhianna's fans were upset that she has chosen to reunite with Chris and that many speculate that her image will be damaged. After news broke about the alleged beating from Brown, the media penned Rhianna as the "face of domestic violence" and probably had already written her upcoming PSA's. Therefore, many people are disappointed by her decision to reunite with him. Some say that if he whips her again, she deserves it. That's ridiculous to me. I personally believe that "we" are being too hard on her. Before you fall out of your chair, I am not condoning violence against women nor am I "excited" that she decided to forgive him. BUT, I do believe that it is unfair to expect a 21 year old to walk away from an abusive relationship with ease when millions of women are unable to do so. The only difference between Rhianna and other battered women is that she's famous. Perhaps, we should stop thinking of "celebrities" as super humans and realize that they have the same fears, insecurities and issues as the rest of us. The good thing about the Chrianna situation coming to light is that perhaps people will stop believing that only poor or ugly women stay in abusive relationships. Obviously, there is a deeper issue here. Perhaps, Rhianna witnessed abuse as a child. Maybe she never felt loved. She may never have been taught about a healthy relationship.
Or, like many women out here, maybe she simply feels that he'll change THIS TIME.

Prayerfully, she'll emerge from this situation as a stronger person. And, can look back years from now and realize that at 31, she would not make the same decision.


Smarty Jones said...

I don't think age has anything to do with it. We may never know why victims decide to stay with abusers.
And then again, we don't know what happened yet and we may never find out.
Part of me is glad that this incident came up because domestic violence is now being discussed on a regular basis.
Another part of me wants to tell that child to run. I don't know, I'm torn.

Grown Woman said...

very true. rumor is they got married over the weekend. wow.