Friday, February 6, 2009

Joker Of The Week Nods

The Joker of the Week polls are BACK folks. This week's list is actually a little tough....

  1. Christian Bale - For cursing out the director of photography on the set of Terminator 4 for four minutes! While it was funny, I don't care how big of a star you are, you should not treat people that way.
  2. Etta James - For her sour grapes over not singing "At Last" at the Neighborhood Ball to the first couple. She said, “You guys know your president, right?” You know the one with big ears? Yeah, wait a minute. He ain’t my president.” Classy 'till the bitter end Etta.
  3. Michael Phelps - For smoking weed in front of someone with a camera and being suspended from USA swimming.
  4. Tom Daschle - For knowing that he wanted to be in Obama's cabinet for MONTHS, not paying his taxes and then withdrawing from the process at the last minute.


TriniDiva said...

So many little time!! LOL!!

Smarty Jones said...

Well, I'm a lil' partial to Ella since I blogged about her last week. That was straight up nasty of her.
But I think I'll give it to Bat-inator Christian Bale. Talk about an over reaction. Gosh dude, you gots to chill.
See, if he were hanging with Michael Phelps, he'd be too relaxed to get upset.
Daschle just needs to be slapped on GP.

12kyle said...

gotta vote for christian bale. whut the hell? you think he'd go off on samuel jackson like that??? i think not! lol