Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Joker Nod - Burris

You know, I never liked the fact that Roland Burris accepted that bozo Rod Blagojevich's nomination for the U.S. Senate. It just seemed shady and desperate to me. Why accept something from someone so tainted? Did he want to be a senator that badly? Now, word is Burris did have some suspect contacts with Blago's people. Apparently, Burris admitted in an affidavit that he had spoken with Rod's brother about fundraising for Rod and he actually made some calls on his behalf seeking thousands of bucks around the time of the election. Now, he may be accused of perjury. UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE. If you KNEW you tried to fund raise for Rod when you knew he was going to nominate someone to replace Barack Obama, why would you turn around and accept the seat? Even if this was somehow completely legitimate, it still stinks to high heaven. Disappointing brother. Disappointing.

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