Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse - Joker of the Month!

I'm not going to regurgitate the Jesse Jackson n*ts story again. I think Smarty's open letter said it all. But now, CNN is reporting that not only did Jesse make the statement, but he used the real "n" word when referring to African Americans during that same whispered conversation. What a joker! I'm shutting down Joker polling for the month because there is NO ONE who can top the right Reverend. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. I thought it was the height of ridiculousness that he was having an affair and fathering an out of wedlock child while simultaneously counseling President Clinton on the Lewinsky scandal. But Mr. Champion of black rights who constantly polices the world for insensitivity and political incorrectness towards blacks has the nerve to say Obama is talking down to n*ggas????????? If anyone else made those statements he'd be picketing and cutting side deals right now! Hypocrisy at its finest ladies and gentleman.


Park Avenue said...

The thing that gets me is the fact that Jesse Jackson didn't think the microphone was on. JJ has been in the public eye long enough to know that the mic is always "on" & somebody's always going to hear you. Eavesdroppers, lip readers, rubberneckers never take a day off!

As for his actual comments, JJ is acting like a jealous crybaby & he should be ashamed of himself.

12kyle said...

...Memo to Jesse (I know that you're reading this)




Is this the SAME dude that wanted Nas to change the name of his cd entitled NIGGER??? Jesse got on his high horse (like he normally does) and blasted Nas. Nas eventually changed the name. The cd is untitled.

I bought the cd when it came out on Tuesday. One song on the cd talked about the use of the word that you's's death...and it's rebirth.

Then, there's another song that rips the network (Fox News) on which you uttered this word.

Instead of criticizing Nas...maybe you should've sat down with that brutha to see what he was about. Since you didn't do that...GO BUY THE CD!!!

good post

TravelDiva said...

PA - It's just a friggin' shame. I think he's just gotten old; and wasn't as slick as he normally is. JJ is a major hater.

Kyle - Thanks. That is deep on Jesse and Nas. DEEP! I hadn't even thought of it.

Smarty Jones said...

Let the church say ... "AMEN!" I tell you, this dude is liable to be put out of his own Rainbow Coalition.
I don't know what to say about him. He just needs to go on a sabbatical - and stay!
I think this is the benediction. I don't think we'll be hearing from him much anymore.
And I have just the song for his departure:
"How 'bout a round of applause ... a standing o-vation ... You put on quite a show, very entertaining ... but it's o-ver now, go on and take a bow ..."
P.S. Thanks for the shout out! ;-)

Smarty Jones said...

Oh yea, ROTFLMAO @ the mugshot.
I fought the feeling to use it.

Lily said...

Major hater he is!!! Talk about self-destruction at its finest. Am just sorry he is giving people another reason to doubt preachers/people of faith.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Smarty I couldn't resist the mugshot since he is enemy number 1 right now.

Totally agree Lily!

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

oh 4 real..he said that, what a damn joker