Monday, June 15, 2009


So, the rumors were true.... Usher filed for divorce after 22 months of marriage.
I actually feel bad for Tameka because like most of the world, "Twitterville" gives this woman much grief. During the past month or so, she has been engaged in a tweet war with various folks. It's crazy because many people called her out on her various tweets about her "hubby" and how happy they were. Many people said it was a front and that Usher had already moved on. I guess they were right. Oh well, at least old girl knocked out two babies which means... you guessed it... a way to get around that pesky prenup. So, Tameka will be just fine. I know Mama Raymond is doing the happy 'I told ya so' dance.
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TravelDiva said...

Not the happy I told you so dance. HA!

He seemed very bored with the whole thing so I guess it's not a surprise.