Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank You For The Memories Mike

As you know, I've expressed my love of Michael Jackson's musical genius on CITC in the past. So when a friend called yesterday and told me he went into cardiac arrest and TMZ was reporting that he was dead, I did not want to believe it. But when the LA Times reported it--I did something I've never done before--cry over a celebrity passing away.

Michael Jackson's music and talent have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can remember as a child sitting around the television with my mom, my dad and my older brother watching Motown's anniversary and all of us going completely insane when Michael did the moonwalk. I remember going to the Capital Centre with my parents and my brother to see MJ in the Bad tour and being overwhelmed by the screams and MJ popping up out of the stage in a wolf mask during his performance of Thriller. Even through all of his problems, his loneliness and private demons, I have loved Michael Jackson's music for the joy it has brought to my life.

I pray for his mom, his children and his family. And I hope that he will best be remembered for the countless hits, his dance, his spirit and the revolution he created in music. CITC salutes you Michael.


Lily said...

Amen!!!! I still can't shake the sadness but I know he's in a better place and finally resting. Bless him for all his music and hard work And Thank you God for blessing us with his music and genius all these years. I wrote a little tribute myself, check out my link! RIP Michael, a part of us forever.

AthenaBee said...

I haven't even BEGUN to accept this yet... and I don't know when I will. He was such a huge part of my childhood. My Barbies didn't date Ken, they dated my Michael Jackson dolls... and I had them all. My mom and I still held out hope that we would see him live someday.

Just horrible.

TravelDiva said...

So true Lily.

Nadja--I had the thriller doll too!

AthenaBee said...

What child in their right mind DIDN'T have a Michael Jackson doll?? I mean really?

Do you remember the one in the sweater vest? Sweeeeet.

Demon Hunter said...

That was my favorite pic of Mike. :-)

I'm finally back on the net. How do you get e-mail. Mine is on my profile. E-mail me. :-)