Monday, November 17, 2008


While many of us are still basking in the glow of Barack's historic win, the gay and lesbian community is dealing with the aftermath of the passage of Proposition 8. Wanda Sykes has recently "come out of the closet" and said that she felt that Prop 8 was a "personal attack". Wanda and her "wife" were married last month. Melissa Etheridge has recently declared that she will not pay California any more taxes since it does not regard her as an "equal citizen". Interestingly, African-Americans overwhelmingly voted for Proposition 8. Also, another state (I believe Arkansas) has now banned same-sex partners from adopting.
What do you think about Proposition 8 and related laws? Is this an issue of civil rights? Morality? Do we have the right as Americans to prohibit others from living their lives as they choose?
Please let me know what you think.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

First off, I had no idea that Wanda was gay! What!!!!

Secondly, I was very saddened that prop 8 passed. I strongly feel that everyone has the right to live and love they way they feel fit. What a person does in their personal life should be left up to them. Just as long as people aren't getting hurt.

Live and let live is my moto.

TravelDiva said...

Diva I didn't know she was gay either! It's not surprising per se, I just didn't know!

I understand the outrage of the gay community. To me this seems like more of a religious issue--a morality issue--and in that sense, I would be against it passing because it's not my place to impose my moral beliefs on others and then strip them of rights.

Although, I'm not surprised that African Americans voted overwhelmingly for the proposition.

Good post GW.

12kyle said...

i had no idea that she was gay. it's all good.

i'm all for gay marriages. let them experience the misery like us. lmao!!!!

juss kiddin. i don't care

Demon Hunter said...

I didn't know about Wanda. Wow.

If someone wants to marry someone else, that's their business. The only judge is God. I don't care who marries whom, as long as they're two consenting adults. Who cares? :-)

Stop by and pick up your award from my blog. :-)

Tobey said...

I read today that California's Supreme Court is looking into it. I was very surprised that Prop 8 had passed, in CA of all places! I think they will be quick to reconcile this. It is a new era, and equality is the way. I think by the end of Obama's presidency, there will have been many long-overdue changes made in America. I am stoked. Freedom to marry is one area where people cannot be denied - love is the most powerful force.

Ms. Bee said...

My husband put on his blog what Keith O. had to say about it and I thought it was fabulous.
I don't feel I have ANY right to tell people how to live their lives... I certainly don't want them doing it to me